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Provoking (the right) titles

Since March 2000, we at Max Milo have been attempting to recommend literary cures against unconsciousness and irrelevant enthusiasm, as well as taming and forced feeding - threatening factors for a modern society too often depressed by conceit and vacuity.
If reading certainly does not kill, it can help slow down the pace of our frantic rush towards an absurd life of inhibitions and confinement.
Max Milo is committed to publishing books with strong literary, theoretical and human contents, highlighted in a new if not provoking perspective. Provoking to what end? Ideally, to contribute towards the dissolution of our social and psychological prison walls. And at any rate, to stir up reflection.

Our books

We publish French and international novels that aim at displaying fictional photographs of the western life metamorphosis; Standard reference essays that reassert knowledge as a laboratory for the transcendence of the past and the anticipation of the future; Non-fictional books and memoirs, often iconoclastic; The Humour collection, blending subtlety and philosophy; Youth literature helping children to ‘grow, and rightly so’, without taking them for scatterbrains, and offering them keys to understand man’s struggle and their own existence, too; Critically acclaimed accounts on taboo themes, written by strong figures and endorsed by sociologists and psychologists; Lives of courage, and a vision of the world bringing together poetry and political responsibility…

The authors

Alla Sergueeva, Andrew Hussey, Benjamin Lacombe, Camille Saint-Jacques, Daniel Richard, François Roussel, Fredric Jameson, Freud, Gaston Kelman, Gerald Messadié, Grégoire Lacroix, Henri-Pierre Jeudy, Jean-Paul Escande, Jordan Belfort, Klabund, Laura D., Nietzsche, Paul-François Paoli, Sophie Lucet, Spinoza, Susan Blackmore, Tolstoï, and maybe tomorrow… yourself?